NTT has conducted audio and acoustic research for over half a century.
The PSZ technology at the core of all nwm products, was developed by NTT engineers who has provided the world with numerous audio innovations.As digital content becomes more accessible and the environment where we experience sound diversifies, we saw the future potential of personalized sound zones, where individuals can freely control the sounds they hear, the sounds they don't hear, and the sounds others can hear.

Open, but confined.
PSZ technology—providing the ultimate contradiction.

The PSZ technology confines sound within the ears, without blocking them. We applied the principle of noise cancellation, where sound is cancelled out by producing an inverted soundwave that neutralizes the sound.Conventional audio devices house the speaker unit in a box to prevent interference from the opposing sound wave emitted from the back of the speaker and deliver sound further. The PSZ technology is the world's first technology to take advantage of this process, overturning the convention. Because the sound is confined 360 degrees around the ear to minimize sound leakage, this it is not a directional speaker. It doesn't vibrate or exert pressure as with bone conduction earphones, allowing for continuous stress-free listening.

The process from concept to product
Balancing sound pressure and sound quality with minimal sound leakage.
Countless rounds of trial and error.

Incorporating PSZ technology into earphones required trimming down the size of the speaker units to the smallest size possible.
From there, we took on the challenge of achieving sound pressure in the ear while maintaining sound quality in order to realize an audio device with minimal sound leakage.
The unprecedented approach of utilizing the inverted waveform from the back of the speaker to cancel out the sound made it a hurdle to realize the product. Determining the balance of each component that impacts sound quality such as the placement and size of the ports (holes) that emit the waveforms, along with the cavity (space/volume) within the enclosure required hundreds of simulations and hardware improvements. This product is the culmination of the advanced audio design of sonority engineers.

The future with PSZ.
New possibilities of communication
with devices and services.

The PSZ technology minimizes sound leakage while being an on-ear speaker, delivering a natural yet new listening experience that utilizes the ear’s innate properties.Our vision is to realize a future where travelers will be able to enjoy music on airplanes without missing announcements, enjoy art with commentary in silence without disrupting others, and have natural conversations with locals in multiple languages when travelling. Communication as we know it may change, by creating an experience that integrates the digital and real worlds as a type of audio augmented reality.
PSZ technology will facilitate a new kind of communication.

Our PSZ technology is only the beginning.
nwm will continue research in audio technology with you
to "open up" the future of working and living.

The PSZ technology, which utilizes the natural properties of the ear, is still only the very beginning for nwm. Our engineers continue to research and develop new products every day to realize personalized sound that enables a symbiotic relationship with the sounds of the community. Beyond PSZ Technology The passion of our engineers to continue to challenge, will lead to developing innovative technologies that will propel nwm into the future.
What drives us, is the "wishes" of users and partner companies that we connect with through our products. So let nwm know your wishes. We'll listen.
Seamless Sound for a Seamless World.