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Wired on-ear speakers
with PSZ Technology

nwm MWE001

No more blocking your ears.
No more worrying about sound leaking.
Earphones that connect you to your world.

Minimizes sound leakage without blocking your ears, making it effortless to talk with others while being mindful of your space.The wired earphones requires no recharging and is ideal for remote work and online meetings. It's also ultra-light,weighing only 9g (without cables) reducing the stress from prolonged use.

Wireless on-ear speakers
with PSZ Technology

nwm MBE001

A more seamless sound
with minimal sound leakage
so you can "connect" more with what's around you.
And now, it's wireless.

Our personal earpiece speakers, is now fully wireless.With minimal sound leakage, you can be more connected with the people you love and your surroundings.Enjoy music and have a conversation at the same time. The nwm MBE001 was made to seamlessly connect everyone. The nwm MBE001 will go on sale on select online sites soon.


Open ear & keeps the sound inside.

PSZ technology realizes the best of both worlds.

The PSZ (Personalized Sound Zone) audio technology realizes minimal sound leakage for on-ear speakers. Find out how this technology, overturned the conventional idea of "blocking out" to prevent sound leakage, and our vision for the future of this technology.


The personal on-ear speakers wired model nwm MWE001 equipped with PSZ technology is now on sale on select online sites. This lightweight model weighs only around 9g for both ears. The wired model also does not need to be recharged, so the product is always readily available for use.

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Crowdfunding for the wireless model nwm MBE001 on-ear speakers equipped with PSZtechnology began on March 27, 2023, through Indiegogo. The goal of this campaign is to provide customers with access to this revolutionary product at a discounted price.We nwm will continue to enhance its products with PSZ at their core, maximizing consumersafety and allowing users to experience the comfort of being connected through sound without having to worry about sound leakage.

On the official website of nwm, the English version has been launched.

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